About Us

Advance Cold Room

We, Advance Cold Room, are specialized in designing, manufacturing and install complete Cold Room, Cold storage system under brand “COOLEST” for controlling temperature from –40C to 18C. We developed a very special high technology of Frequency inverter together with defrost on demand to achieve

the best energy saving, which usually result in 30-50% saving. We use technology of High Density PU Insulation for the best space saving and energy saving for our clients.

We also provide complete solution for “COOLEST” SMART COLD ROOM system which is Distance Control & Monitoring for the cold storage system, you can now access the status and control of your cold storage at anywhere anytime

Features of ACR cold room

  1. Energy Saving Innovation, energy-efficient than conventional cold storage at 30% – 50%.
  2. Easy assembly by using Hook lock and Silicone Sealant grout joints between two panels. To ensure that the temperature will not be leaked out.
  3. The walls of the cold room. We have three choice such as coated steel, aluminum, stainless (304) steel.
  4. Insulation inside the room is Polyurethane , It high density and very low thermo conductivity.
  5. ACR is the expert on matters that create a cold room with high stability and best of energy savings.
  6. We Innovated Distance Control and Monitoring system through Internet, Tablet and Mobile phone so that customer can be informed of any abnormal before system break down.